Kasi Shade Skylight

High Impact Acrylic Roof Sheet, Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet  and Glass Sheets, this type of skylight roof sheeting is ideal for use in Barrel Vault, Pyramid and Flat Roof Shade for all smaller or bigger space of the building, this skylights can be customized to almost any shape and size to suit customer requirements which consist of aluminum and  steel gutter, designed, primed and painted in the chosen colour using exterior quality enamel paint to fit onto any type of roof, wall and stand-alone Shade.

Kasi Shade has acquired its own unique aluminium arch and clamp, which are leak proof, maintenance free and is fitted with extruded non-perishable EPDM rubber sealers which allow thermal expansion and contraction of the glazing materials. Glazing material is available in the both high impact acrylic, glass and polycarbonate, in a choice of colours from bronze tints, clear and opal, allowing solar energy control (heat build-up) through the various light and thermal transmissions.

Kasi Shade Skylight Shade add value and brings in light to domestic homes, factories, warehouses, offices, retail outlets, shopping centers and entrances.

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