Adjustable Louver and Ceiling Deck

Kasi Shade Adjustable Louver and Ceiling Deck

Kasi Shade Adjustable louver awning and Ceiling deck awning is a solution to create that special place to relax and unwind after a tiring day. Our louver aluminum awning shade cover enables you to significantly increase your living space and quality of life during the warm summer days, as well as during   the colder winter season. This means your home stays warm and cozy using the natural energy of the sun. The sun’s rays also reduce the need for turning lights on in your home. During the summer months, you can control the desired amount of light and air flow, a significant energy saving benefit with the reduction in heating and cooling costs during the life of your home. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds, all year round.

Kasi Shade aluminium shade are attractive, require very little maintenance and can be adapted to suit any installation requirements. For the greatest possible resistance to all climatic conditions the aluminium is coated with Aluminium Color-Tech G4 paint system which carries a full ten-year guarantee. Kasi Shade aluminum shade is ideal for commercial, industrial, housing and townhouse applications.

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